Life is Like a Vapor

This is why I take pictures…because I learned at a very young age that life is so very, very short. It is like a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. (See James 4:14)

Today our hearts break to hear of the passing of a friend and church member, Max Beathard. Last year, I had the privilege of traveling to Israel with a group from church, including Max.

I chuckle to think of how much he hated being in front of the camera. He would get so irritated with me for making him take yet another picture. Max was cantankerous in the funniest of ways. He constantly made me smile and laugh. I am so thankful for each picture he was in – for each smile that was captured. 

I think back to this past week. He called me to see how my family was doing and we chatted for almost 20 minutes. He and his wife were both sick and yet he wanted to know how MY family was doing. He made me laugh so often during this phone call. He talked about how many years he had had his dog and he never really connected with it, but he said they were getting really close this week. 🙂 He had such a positive, great outlook on life when we talked. He was a true encouragement to me during that phone call and I think God knew what a blessing those minutes would end up being. 

Not one of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Max had repented of his sins and put his faith in Jesus Christ alone for his salvation. This truth is what gives us an inexplainable peace during this difficult time. 

Life is so short. We are here to glorify our Savior and to tell others about Him. 

Love the Lord – use every opportunity to serve Him with a sweet spirit and with your whole heart.

Love your family – take the trip, take a million pictures, forget what doesn’t matter and most importantly, show them the love of Jesus and show them how to serve Jesus.  

Love others – tell them about how they can have the hope you have through the blood of Jesus alone. 

I’m thankful for the impactful life of Max Beathard. To think that last year, he walked right where Jesus walked, but today, He is walking WITH Jesus. He is absent from this body, He is absent from this temporary, earthly home, but he is present forevermore with His Savior. 

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