“But – That’s how it’s ALWAYS been!”  Have you ever met those who hold traditions and the Bible on equal ground? I have. In fact, I’ve often BEEN that person. Traditions can be WONDERFUL. Would Christmas even feel the same without those homey traditions we’ve started and kept? However, as wonderful as many traditions can … More THE BIBLE > TRADITIONS

Just Go

This week, whenever your church doors are open, go. If you are physically able, shut off the livestream and attend in person. You can’t hug someone or smile at them from behind your screen. When you’ve majorly slacked-off lately and worry about what people think, just go anyways. When it seems you’re the most exhausted … More Just Go

He Deserves It All

Recently my family attended a Christmas play complete with Santa, Disney princesses, drummer boys that floated to the ceiling while they played and a finale that would blow your mind. As Mary and Joseph and Jesus were elevated on one level of the stage, a real elephant bowed down to Jesus. Camels, wise men and … More He Deserves It All

Forsaking ALL

“Time. Out. They left all of those fish??” This thought came into my mind as I read a passage I had read a gazillion times before. Luke chapter 5. Surely most of us have read this chapter. It’s where Peter, James and John had been out allll night long trying to catch some fish, but … More Forsaking ALL

Plead My Cause

Have you ever been falsely accused of something? It’s not a very fun feeling. I usually have two knee-jerk reactions: Number one – I just want to laugh and offer them a list of my actual faults because that is way more extensive than anything they could ever accuse me of. No need to make … More Plead My Cause


Imagine that you and your significant other are entering the doors of church and you are told to be nice to a man you are about to meet. It’s briefly explained that this mystery man had been very nice to your family and that you should be thankful for it. Without a chance to ask … More THE MORE YOU KNOW

10 Reasons Why Selling Color Street is My Favorite – From A “Mompreneur” Perspective

I have sold a bazillion things in my lifetime. It’s in my blood. Thanks, Mom! lol. I’ve made hair bows, painted signs, painted ornaments, sold oodles of things on VarageSale, made and sold earrings, sold Mary Kay (that’s hilarious if you know me😆), sold Young Living, sold Plexus (both great companies – I just don’t … More 10 Reasons Why Selling Color Street is My Favorite – From A “Mompreneur” Perspective