It Begins with Me

“The change our country needs begins with me”. This is something my husband mentioned from the pulpit tonight. It’s very easy in these days leading up to a major Presidential election to point fingers, live in fear and forget the change that Christians need in their own hearts. 

We have neglected to truly know God and to truly love Him by keeping His commandments. 

We have forgotten to teach truth from God’s Word, our Creator. 

We have decided to let the ever-changing beliefs of society and even our feelings determine our “truth”. 

This has translated into our homes and how we teach or don’t teach our kids. 

This has then translated into weak, baby Christians that predominantly make up our churches. 

Our churches help make up this Nation and keep it accountable.

Is it any wonder why prayer was removed from schools and why the 10 Commandments were removed from public areas and why abortion is even legal and why the very definition of marriage and gender is being widely debated? One person failed to love and obey God and then another and then another. Now we have this mixed-up country filled with a dying minority of half-hearted “Christians” sitting idly by while one anti-God legislation after another is passed. All most of us do is throw up our hands and say, “Oh well.” Then we move about our day while our Nation is going further and further down the slippery slide of moral depravity.

We don’t deserve God’s grace. We don’t deserve a President who will uphold Christian values. We deserve a man who believes you can slaughter babies because that’s what our country has become. 

God’s mercy absolutely baffles me. Aren’t you thankful that He hasn’t given us what we truly deserve? 

Abraham continually begged God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah and God continually stretched out His hand in mercy and yet the people did not take it. They were too in love with their sin.

Remember the oldest man to ever live? Methuselah. He lived to be 969 years old. His name meant something to the effect of “when he is dead, it shall be sent.” Most believe this to mean that when Methuselah died, the judgment of the Flood would occur. How telling that Methuselah is the oldest man in the Bible – for it shows just how long-suffering our God really is. Methuselah died the year of the Flood before it even occurred. God continually waited and waited and waited to pour out judgment. Perhaps one more person would trust Him. Yet 8 people were saved and no more. 

We cannot let America be like this. “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37 God is giving us another hour, another day to change our own hearts. 

This extension of grace may come in the form of a godless President who is against everything Christians hold dear. Perhaps this is the only way to truly wake us up spiritually! 

In the Old Testament, the children of Israel would cry out to God for mercy and once God answered their prayers, they would return to their sin because they got comfortable and complacent. Will we be this way if Donald Trump is re-elected? Will we breathe a sigh of relief and get off of our knees because we still have a somewhat conservative leader in charge of our country? Will we too return to a life of complacency?

If we think a President that allows us religious freedoms is going to change our country, we are sadly mistaken. WE need to change our country. 

If we “amen” louder when the USA is mentioned in church and keep our mouths shut when Jesus Christ is mentioned, then WE are the problem. 

If we fight about carpet or wall colors or how “our money” at “our church” is being spent, rather than rallying together to witness to this lost and dying world, then WE are the problem. 

If we think someone who is a Biden supporter is too far beneath us to minister to, then WE are the problem.

If we can’t spend meaningful, intentional, daily time in God’s Word and prayer, then WE are the problem. 

If we aren’t lovingly teaching God’s truth and how to live a life of holiness to our children, then WE are the problem. 

No President can change our hearts. Only God, the True One in charge, can change our hearts. 

Perhaps this week, we will see another extension of God’s mercy on our Nation. Perhaps a man will be re-elected who will keep his promises to keep our country a little bit closer to Biblical truth like we Christians so desperately desire. Or perhaps God will give us what we deserve. 

Either way, may we realize that our time on this earth is fleeting. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. What we do with the days we have on this earth is what will count for eternity. Did we repent and believe in Christ? Wonderful. Amazing. But did we live it? We are His ambassadors – have we forgotten this? Did we truly make God our everything? This personal, internal, radical change is what will change this country. It begins with me. It begins with you. 

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