“The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart”


“Do we still have to Tithe or is that an Old Testament thing? Do we really have to go to church? Is one service a week good enough? Sunday School is a man-made thing so I can get away with not going, right? We’re not under the Law anymore, so what all can we use our Christian liberty to get away with? I can’t stand legalists so I’m going to be the extreme opposite and show them through my lifestyle and rhetoric how wrong they are and how amazing and freeing our Christian liberty is…” These are all the wrong questions and statements. We shouldn’t be asking ourselves, “What’s the LEAST that I can do to still be considered a good Christian?” That’s part of legalism in and of itself – its works- based spirituality. Jesus came to this earth and He didn’t discount every OT Law…He took it a step further. He said, “If ye LOVE ME, obey my commandments.” He said, “Where your treasure is, there will your HEART be also.” He said, “Faith, hope and love…but the greatest of these is LOVE.” He said murder started with anger in the HEART. He said adultery started with lust in the HEART. He said to “LOVE your neighbor as yourself”. He wants control of our HEARTS! It’s not about what’s the LEAST we can do. He wants our entire LIVES sacrificed on this earth for Him and He calls that just our “REASONABLE service” (ROM. 12:1). If we love Him, we will obey Him. It doesn’t make us more spiritual to obey Him, but when we love Him, we obey Him first from our hearts. Love begins in our hearts and minds and is spilled out in sacrificial, selfless action. Loving Christ should cost us something. Stop asking, “what is the least we can do and still be an okay Christian?”. Ask the right questions. How can I show my Savior love? How can I use my entire LIFE to honor and please my Lord? How can I love Him MORE?


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