Trump and Hillary, Your Hearts are in GOD’S Capable Hands!

imageDay after day we get more and more discouraged as the truth sinks in that Election Day is fast approaching. Trump or Hillary will be our next President. Let that sink in for a minute. One candidate has said a lot of dumb things, but the other candidate has actually done a lot of bad things. As much as I don’t like a lot about Trump, I don’t even want to imagine our country being run by Hillary Clinton! That thought makes my stomach hurt! Then there is the whole issue with the debate tonight. I’ve never been more thankful that we got rid of cable. Politics can make me steaming mad. I’m sooo glad I’ve only caught some “hi-lights” and mostly “low-lights”;) of the debate. So many of my friends are echoing my frustration and despair. But Christians, do we really think that the Lord has abdicated his throne?? Do we really think that the Lord is at His wit’s end about this upcoming election? Is he surprised at the two nominees that our country has “chosen”?  Someone once said, “Has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God?” Think about that! What a small, weak image we must have of God Almighty.

Have we forgotten about Pharoah or King Darius or King Nebuchadnezzar or King Saul? Pharoah, in Exodus 5:2 said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey His voice to let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go.” Bam. An atheist, or an agnostic at the very least. And a hater of Israel. A Republican’s worst nightmare. Surely, all hope was lost?! Well, Moses must’ve thought so, too, because God had to remind Moses who He was – “I Am”, “God Almighty” and “Jehovah”. As Creator God, He alone had the power to harden or soften Pharoah’s heart. And as you know, God heard the cries of His children and though he did not answer their prayers exactly the way they would’ve planned, He DID deliver them out of the land of Egypt. The list goes on. King Darius was such a weak King that he listened to the opinions of others and his pride instead of his own common sense. He made up a random law that everyone had to bow down to him during a certain timeframe or they would be cast into the lion’s den. Can you imagine the protests that would take place today if one of our Presidents ordered this? Daniel didn’t have time to worry about why God would ever allow such a ruler. He was too busy praying. Of course his praying resulted in him being cast into the lion’s den. But as you know, God saw his child in need and He shut the mouths of the lions. When you’re the Creator of the Universe, you can do these kinds of things. I could go on and on about King Saul and King Nebuchadnezzer and even King Eglon. Evil, godless men who were permitted to rule, and yet were totally outsmarted by God Himself. Nobody messes with God’s children. No matter how “powerful” the leader.

So what makes us think that God has changed? Is He not this same, unchangeable God of the Old Testament? Our Creator? He MADE Hillary and Trump and you better believe He will use them just as He pleases. Proverbs 21:1 tells us that “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as rivers of water: he turneth it withersoever He will.” He has a plan bigger than our little minds can comprehend. No one can stand in the way of this plan. And NO ONE is more powerful than Our Great God.

So let’s stop the whining! Instead of worrying about the leaders of our Nation and how wicked they are, let’s do like Daniel and get on our knees. We have a job to do, Christians. We can’t be bothered by the cares of this world. God WILL accomplish His plan! Furthermore, He is powerful enough to use both good and evil people to accomplish His plan as He sees fit. The best part is that we know God’s character – He will no doubt hearken unto the voice of His children and He will show His power over even the most wicked of rulers. Let us rest in that knowledge as we serve our One True King!

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