The Noise of this World


Do you hear the noise?
The noise of this world?
The anger, the hatred,
the attacks that are hurled?
Each day we awake
it’s a matter of time
Before another breaking story
pops up online
A storm that destroyed,
an earthquake, a flood
More bombings and shootings
and spilling of blood
Rioting, protesting
They’re filling the streets
As we watch from our screens
all we feel is defeat
So we turn to other posts
No more Hillary, Trump, Obama
But there all we find
is venting and drama
Friends and family
are fighting like kids
For their thoughts, no filters,
their mouths, no lids
Good called evil,
Evil called good
Self now stands
where GOD once stood
Hatred for God,
His Word and His Church,
Turning to everything,
but the Bible, to search
Cable and Netflix
and I-Phones and games
Music and SnapChat,
It runs through our veins
The noise of the world
is constant and loud
It comes from all angles,
hangs over us like a cloud
So where is God
in the midst of this mess?
Why can we hear His voice
less and less?
We cover our ears
for the world’s noise to stop
Then a thought hits us
and to our knees we drop
God is NOT the roaring lion
He does not yell to be heard
To think that we can hear Him
above the noise is absurd
He speaks to His children
in a still, small voice
Whether we hear Him or not
is left to our choice
Will we be still and know
that He is our God?
Will we silence the noise
of this earth that we trod?
Let’s put down our tablets,
our tvs, our phones
Stop yelling and fighting
and throwing our stones
God’s STILL in control
He’s not surprised or shocked
When evil is rising
and His own Name is mocked
Judgment is coming
He will hand it out
So what is it we’re really
worrying about?
He’s allowing more souls
to be added each day
To repent of their sins,
believe Him and pray
In the midst of the noise
it’s His voice that is key
Let’s quiet our hearts
and listen earnestly.

~ Jen McGee 07-20-16
These are just thoughts that have been on my heart as we have heard Pastor Jeff Redlin speak this week at Teen Extreme. Feel free to share. It’s something I need reminding of daily.

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