Remembering What Matters

How far downhill we have come in just the past 15 years alone. Do you remember on 9-11-01 how we had no one to turn to for answers except God? Suddenly His Name took on new meaning for people. We were reminded that life is short and we better know where we are headed after we die. Hearts were open to the truth. God’s name was the first name on our lips as we looked for answers and tried not to worry about our Nation’s future…

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: New York City firefighters and construction workers looks up at a makeshift steel cross at Ground Zero during a prayer service held at 8:46 am to commemorate the sixth-month anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, 11 March 2002 in New York. A moment of silence was held all over the city to mark the moment the first of two hijacked airliners struck the Twin Towers. AFP PHOTO TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

First responders were praised, admired, respected and honored. Together as a Nation we stood for our freedom and for our loved ones. Fast forward to 09-11-16 and the headlines read so differently. Whereas God is who we cried out to in our time of need, now His Name is a swear word. Banned and forbidden in so many places. Faith is for “the foolish” and now “free thinking” is what flourishes. First responders are no longer respected but they are mocked, attacked and humiliated. Athletes were once bending knees in prayer and attacked for it but now they bend their knees in protest as our National Anthem is played and they are revered and respected! How backwards we are as a society and not many seem to notice! We blame anything and everything for our problems. It’s drunk driving, it’s guns, it’s lack of education, it’s lack of money, it’s lack of opportunities, it’s he or she. No! It’s a heart problem! A sin problem! Folks, we have cried to God for help when we needed Him and pushed Him away when we felt we had everything in control again. Have you ever seen a relationship like that on this planet survive successfully?? Of course not! God is not some kind of “break in case of emergency” lifeline. He’s not a genie who exists to grant us our every wish. He’s either real or He’s not. He’s either on His throne or He’s not. He’s either good 100% of the time or He’s not. I submit that He IS real, He IS good, He IS on His throne and He is being EXTREMELY patient with our country. But all good judges must actually judge. And there will be a payday. We cannot continue to mock His Name, lift up other gods, call good evil and evil good. Furthermore, we cannot believe He is who He says He is and yet still live life for only ourselves. It’s not ABOUT US. It’s about HIM! Remember 9/11. Remember what it feels like to lose loved ones, to live in fear when you travel, to be shaken to our core, to know that our days are numbered. Don’t forget what really matters. WHO really matters. Bow your knee to God alone. Respect those who give their lives to keep our country safe. And never, ever forget.

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