10 Reasons Why Selling Color Street is My Favorite – From A “Mompreneur” Perspective

I have sold a bazillion things in my lifetime. It’s in my blood. Thanks, Mom! lol.

I’ve made hair bows, painted signs, painted ornaments, sold oodles of things on VarageSale, made and sold earrings, sold Mary Kay (that’s hilarious if you know me😆), sold Young Living, sold Plexus (both great companies – I just don’t sell it anymore)…the list goes on and on. So why do I now sell Color Street? What sets it apart?

Here are 10 Reasons that Color Street is so great:

1 – It’s a consumable product. That means – if people try it, they almost always love it and then they use it and need more. This is not something they buy once and have forever. That means consistent repeat customers and sales which equals more money for my family.

2 – It costs one stamp to send a nail set in the mail. This expands the reach of my potential customers. I can send all over the U.S. for change. I can make my family money without even leaving my house.

3 – I have 400 plus women in my nails group. This means I get to meet so many great people! I get to share the Lord with them and share that I’m a pastor’s wife, etc. What an opportunity!

4 – This product is affordable!! It’s like a happy medium between bottled polish which can be a waste of time (mine consistently chip day 1) and salon nails which can be a waste of money. I remember having online parties in the past where I’m asking people to spend $100 on products. Our Buy3Get1 nail sets are around $35-40 after tax and shipping. You can get multiple uses out of each nail set if done correctly.

5 – I make a commission off of my own sales and my own purchases. Plus I earn free nail sets that I can sell for straight profit.

6 – Multiple streams of revenue is a wise idea.

7 – The Prov 31 woman was no joke. She worked late and woke up early. She found ways to earn money for her family. What a great example!

8 – It’s ONE product to learn! ONE! I don’t have to learn the science. I don’t have to learn a whole line of products. Women already know what polish is. It’s pretty and it sells itself. One picture can sell this ingenious little thing.

9 – I have one monthly expense. It’s under $10 for our website. I have no other requirements to buy anything at all. Other companies I’ve sold for required that I buy a certain amount of products each month. This is not the case with Color Street and my wallet is thankful for that!

10 – We get awesome incentives and monthly bonus opportunities.

(Bonus reason: When I make crafts to sell, I have to enter Hobby Lobby. Bam. There goes my profits.🤣 Can I get a witness? 🙋🏼‍♀️)

Check out my FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/264696288119710/?ref=share

Here’s how you can order: https://www.colorstreet.com/JustAMomsNails/nailbar/3329953

Here’s how you can enroll! $129 plus tax and shipping. 13 full nail sets and other goodies with this purchase! https://www.colorstreet.com/justamomsnails/enrollment

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