Let me begin by saying that this Top 10 List is coming from a lady who sat for almost 2 hours waiting for her second ClickList order. No joke. Who knows how much gas I wasted. I literally fell asleep while I waited. Then I waited some more, scrolled Facebook, tried to catch up on some “work” and then waited some more. I was not the happiest and most patient person during this almost 2 hours of my life. But there were a few positives worth noting during this time. First of all, ClickList had just come to our small town. They had a lot of kinks to work out and several people were being trained while I was sitting out in my van in the hot Texas sun. J Second of all, I literally watched some workers RUNNING from the store to cars and back to the store again. So it’s not like they weren’t hustling. Thirdly, the manager of ClickList called me many times and came out to my van many times. She offered to drive the groceries to my house and she even offered to put some gas in my van using her own fuel points. I of course refused these offers but I couldn’t help but feel grateful for her attempt at an apology for my wait time. In the end, I did receive a couple of free items and a $15 credit. When I went in to Kroger later that week, the manager of the store apologized to me again and spontaneously took me behind-the-scenes of ClickList. Apparently I was the first shopper to get this experience so I felt slightly special. Ha! What I saw was pretty cool. Freezers and fridges lining the walls, stacked crates of bagged non-perishable items in the middle of the room, bar-coded tags, and a computer system showing upcoming orders. Total organization. I thought to myself, “Whoa. I should just work here. I mean, I’m a mom. I shop for a living anyways.” Though I had a pretty terrible experience with ClickList, I know that that is not the “norm”. There are SO many reasons why you should give them a try!

  • NO “MULTIPLE KIDS CAN’T FIT INTOTHE CART PROBLEM”: If you have several children like myself, hellooo! Try ClickList. You order what you need online, select a pick-up time later that day, drive up to the parking spot with your hundreds of kids in the back, call their number and wah-lah, they cart out your crates of groceries and put them in the back of the van FOR you. And just like that, your shopping for the week is completed! Whoa. Life changer. No nasty fecal-covered carts with so many kids spilling out that there is no room for groceries. Total win.
  • NO TRYING TO FOLLOW YOUR SHOPPING LIST WHILE HEARING “MOM! MOM! HE HIT ME! CAN I HAVE SOME CANDY?”: Y’all. Your stress levels are at Zero because you and your kids don’t have to endure long, arduous walks up and down aisles of the grocery store, only to realize that you forgot an item on Aisle 1 and you’re on Aisle 25. And no tiny check-out lanes filled with loads of candy marketed to kids. It’s a win for parents and children, no doubt.
  • YOU SAVE SO MUCH TIME! Instead of making your family outing to the grocery store, go the park or do something else fun with your kids! Spend some real quality time with them instead of distracted time with them while mainly focused on a shopping list you aren’t following. Endless possibilities of what you can do instead of hours of shopping.
  • YOU SAVE SO MUCH MONEY!! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve walked into a store and only bought what’s on my list. Not ONE more item that’s not on my list. It’s almost never happened. Which means, me walking into a grocery store is DANGEROUS. Budgets are flying out of the window left and right, and little cash register sounds are blaring as I emotionally throw snack after snack in the cart with little to no thought. My eyes widen at the register as I realize how much the order totals. Ouch! If only there were a way to pay someone else a few bucks to shop my list FOR ME! Oh wait! There is! ClickList. The first 3 times are free and after that it’s $4.99. SO much money saved. Think of what else you could do with your money besides buy and eat junk food and digest it!
  • SUB-TOTALS YOUR ORDER: As you shop, there is an estimated running total on the side. This allows you to know EXACTLY what you can and cannot afford. What a great way to ensure that you’re sticking to your weekly budget! So instead of getting to the register at the store and having to put a few items back all while trying to maintain your dignity, use ClickList!
  • YOU CAN STILL USE COUPONS/LOYALTY CARD,ETC.: When you first submit your order, they charge a little higher than the amount to your account, just to ensure that the prices listed online are accurate. You get back the difference so don’t worry! They also use your loyalty card so you get all of your fuel points and loaded coupons. Complete an extra survey and get MORE fuel points. When they come out to your car, you can also hand them physical coupons that they will use on your order.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS CAN OFTEN BE BETTER! Say they don’t have Private Selection Cajun Chicken Breast at the deli. They may just give you Boar’s Head Cajun Chicken Breast and charge you the Private Selection price. You can’t get that deal when you shop on your own. This happened to me with deli meat and also with paper plates. They more often than not will upgrade you to better products at no additional charge.
  • MEAL PLAN LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS: I have LOVED having a ClickList Tab open while also having a Pinterest Tab open. I find my favorite pinned recipes, scroll down to the ingredients and click back and forth between tabs and add the items I don’t already have in my pantry. Since I’m at home in my pajamas while “grocery shopping”, I can quickly walk to my pantry or fridge and see if I already have a specific item. SOOO cool. Meal planning happens in mere minutes! I am trying to get ClickList to work alongside Pinterest and to consider a “Load to ClickList” button on all recipes. That would blow my mind.
  • ELDERLY ARE BLESSED: As long as someone can show them the technical side of using ClickList, think of how blessed the elderly will be through this program! Not having to walk on their bad hip through the store and load their groceries in their carts, on the belt and into their cars. Such an awesome thing for them! Maybe someone reading this could show a few elderly people how ClickList works and make their lives a little easier!
  • YOU’RE NOT TOO TIRED TO COOK: How many times have I grocery shopped with children for hours, only to load the car up with my items, load the kids up and go through a drive-thru because I’m so tired I don’t want to cook with the $150 of groceries I just bought? HA! C’mon now, I know I’m not the only one! When someone else does the shopping for you, and you save that time and energy, and you’ve meal-planned like a boss, you…wait for it…actually may COOK when you get home. Once again, saved time, money and energy. Win, win, win.

So unless you absolutely love grocery shopping and feel so lazy for using this program that you can’t live with yourself, there is absolutely nothing to lose but so many things to gain from trying ClickList!



  1. I would totally utilize something like this in my area! For all I know, there IS something like this in my area and I just don’t know about it. LOL!


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