Can I Get a Witness?

Sometimes our kids are witnesses and don’t even realize it. As we are on our road trip back home, we obviously have made a few gas station stops. At one of our stops, I could hear James singing his Cubbies song at the top of his lungs in the echoey bathroom. “..we know that Jesus loves us that’s why we sing this song!!” I smiled because it’s one of the few times where I’m okay with him being super loud. lol. Then at another gas station, Jaycee and I were about to walk out of the door as she was belting out, “Deep and wide!!!” The gas station attendant said, “Church song, right? I haven’t heard that in 30 plus years.” So that gave me an opportunity to talk with him a little bit about Christ. I left him with a Gospel of John and pray that he finds the time to read it. Kids are often a great conversation starter!

Our oldest 3 kids ~ Pensacola, FL ~ Sept 2015
Our oldest 3 kids ~ Pensacola, FL ~ Sept 2015

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