Why I’m Not Leaving Facebook…For Now

I have seen a lot of ugliness on FB as of late. Perhaps you’re guilty of it. Perhaps I am. I’ve seen statements on “both sides” that are appalling and that surely are hurting the work Christians are trying to do on this earth. I’ve seen so-called church leaders/volunteers name-calling Christians leaving FB and I’ve … More Why I’m Not Leaving Facebook…For Now

It Begins with Me

“The change our country needs begins with me”. This is something my husband mentioned from the pulpit tonight. It’s very easy in these days leading up to a major Presidential election to point fingers, live in fear and forget the change that Christians need in their own hearts.  We have neglected to truly know God … More It Begins with Me

What’s In a Smile?

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Prov. 17:22 Even thousands of years ago, God revealed to Solomon that a merry heart worked like a medicine. Surprise, surprise. God knew how the body worked because He made it! Turns out, as should be expected, lots of research … More What’s In a Smile?

McGee 2019 Memories

Looking back at this past year really helps us to understand that we are living out some of the best years of our lives. God has blessed us so much! The McGee family has had a very full year, as usual! In January, Josh’s parents paid for all of the McGee family to spend two … More McGee 2019 Memories