An Open Letter to Children’s Place: Please Stop Targeting My Little Girls with Your Liberal Ideology

CP t-shirt for blog

To Whomever It May Concern at Children’s Place:

After online shopping and store shopping off and on for the past month or so, I have to say that I’m super frustrated by even the liberal agenda of retail stores. In case you didn’t kgirls rule the world cp shirt for blognow, Children’s Place, we are all born to be very self-centered. We don’t need t-shirts to remind us of this. We especially don’t need t-shirts to remind our children of this. Here are just a few of the phrases I’ve recently seen on Children’s Place t-shirts: Girl Strong, I Do This Thing Called Whatever I Want, Girls Rock, Follow the Wi-Fi, Girl Boss, The World Belongs to Girls, Dad’s Boss, I’m a Girl – I Won Already, This Cat is my Spiritual Animal (what??), Girl Power, Spoiled & Loving It, Drama Queen, Me? Always Right?Obviously., Girl Hero.

Blog pic CPCall me crazy, and I know everyone won’t agree which is totally fine, but I don’t just see those phrases when I look at your t-shirts. I see feminism, acting as though females are BETTER than men, belittling of men, making light of being overly dramatic, controlling, always “right” and spoiled rotten and then the phrases about spiritual animals and an addiction to wi-fi (insert eye roll). These society-driven, liberal beliefs are overwhelming our entertainment and now even our CLOTHES! I’m not saying that Children’s Place does not offer ANY cute t-shirts. I’ve always been a fan of you, in fact. I’m just saying that the overwhelming majority of your t-shirts are not cute anymore. You promote the polar opposite of what I want my kids to be, especially my girls.

The truth is, females are equal in value to men, but females have different roles than men. (gasp!) Sorry. Not my rules. Take it up with the Lord. It’s definitely an unpopular belief nowadays, and is no doubt a struggle for all, but when we act within our roles, harmony and happiness happens. When either gender within a relationship abuses their roles or assumes the role of another gender, chaos happens. Why are you teaching my 5 year old that girls are better? That girls RULE? That girls own the WORLD? That girls can be in control of their parents and do whatever they want? That girls should usurp the authority of their dads? That girls can be spoiled and dramatic and always right? If my 5 year old followed these ideals, NO ONE would want to be her friend.

This world is not about us. It’s about loving the Lord and loving on others in His Name. We can of course agree to disagree. You seem to buy into society’s idea that the world revolves around Number Uno. Perhaps this is why you print such shirts – you see these lies that the world is buying into more and more and you’re hoping you can get the world to also buy your t-shirts. I guess the simplest suggestion,you might say, is just to shop elsewhere. That’s a pretty good suggestion. But since I think I’ve single-handedly kept your store open for the past 8 years ;), I figured my opinion as an avid shopper might matter to you just a little. So Children’s Place, if you’re “listening”, please go back to making cute, sweet clothing for my kids and leave the liberal agendas for the adults to tackle. Or if you really want to keep it “fair” for all of your shoppers, start printing “Save the Baby Humans” t-shirts! 🙂


A Concerned Mama

CP shirt for blog girls run the world

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